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Creating A Diet For Kids

Kids DietDoes it seem like you’ve done everything you can to provide a healthy diet for kids that deliver all the nutrients they need, but still have a nagging feeling like you’re coming up short? Do you still find yourself, despite your best intentions, wondering whether or not…

  • Your kid’s weight is unacceptable
  • Your kid’s diet is causing nutritional deficiencies
  • You have no idea where to even start creating a healthy meal plan
  • Unsure of which vitamins and minerals are essential

Unfortunately, obesity in children is growing at epidemic rates. Because of this, parents are continually being reminded by doctors and the media of all the possible health concerns that may await their child unless we take action.

You are NOT alone! It may seem like it sometimes, but not understanding diet, exercise and nutrition for your kids is far more common than you’d think, a Diet For Kids.org is here to help.

No matter how good of a parent you are, children, god love’em, at some point in their lives either won’t eat, or only eat the wrong things. Creating a healthy nutrient packed Diet For Kids which the little whipper-snappers will actually eat, often can seem like an impossible task. Sometime being sneaky can help tremendously!

We’ve all been there. Trust me. Some of us have revisited this road multiple times throughout our child’s development. And no matter what, it should always start the same…

Proper Nutrition For Your Kids Is Vital!

This is one area you must pay attention to…

Parents must insure children are eating healthy balanced meals as frequently as possible. With balanced meals, meals containing all the food groups, kids will have all the essential nutrients for optimal growth and development for both their mind and body. Besides eating foods from all the various food groups and kids taking nutritional supplements, parents have to be conscious of the preparation style of the food. Boiling vegetables, for example can remove all the vital nutrients that you think your child is still getting.

And the worst part? The more you blame yourself and longer you delay in acquiring the correct info, the harder it is to do it the right way!

Common Nutritional Deficiencies For Children

Vitamin D deficiency is common in infants born to mothers with low vitamin D levels in their own bodies. This can lead to Rickets, a bone debilitating disease.

Vitamin K deficiency can lead to bleeding in the brain of newborns. Doctors often give an injection containing Vitamin K as a precautionary measure

Iron deficiency is common with children of all ages. Additional iron containing foods in the diet plan can typically correct this.

Vitamin A deficiency can lead to frequent infections.

Phytonutrients from fruits and vegetable sources will produce the necessary quantity of vitamin C, E and beta-carotene. Also, eating a diet rich in protein and carbohydrates is necessary for the optimum development, however they should be consumed in a controlled manner without overdoing it.

Other Healthy Steps To Consider

Play Time Is Also Exercise Time

There are a few excellent programs out there that will get your kids exercising without them even realizing it. Or, better yet they will think that exercise is fun. The #1 most enjoyable choice for kids is the Kinect from Xbox. What could be better, all the (kids fitness) games require you to move. And, you don’t even need a remote control, your body is the remote control. This system is excellent for adults as well.

Kids that are 7 and older really seem to really enjoy Shaun T’s Fit Kids Club DVD. There are two different programs that are quite fun even for the adults. Your kids will break a sweat with this one without even realizing it.

De-Sugarize Your Home

It doesn’t do any good having a closet full of sugary snacks. Make it a point to rid your refrigerator and pantry of these items and replace them with nutritional snacks such as fresh fruits, vegetables, yogurt and cheese. After a while, your kids will be in the habit of eating healthy, and will have fewer urges to snack poorly. The Ultimate Healthy Snack List is a great reference.

Water Is Essential

Teach your child the importance of drinking ordinary plain water instead of sweetened drinks. Sugar Free drinks like Crystal Light are also a good option from time to time.

Slow Down!

Teach your kids to eat slower. This is good advice for parents as well.

Make Meal Time Fun

Making meals interesting encourages children to have fun during meals. The association of eating healthy food and having fun should be made. In other words, make meal time, family time. For additional healthy Diet For Kids information, please see the other kids fitness articles.